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Non-Surgical Nose Shaping
The 15-Minute Nose Job...

Can your nose be made to look better without surgery? Yes, we can elevate the tip or make the nose appear straighter. This can been done in minutes without surgery, breaking the nasal bones, or the downtime required to heal from extensive nasal surgery (rhinoplasty).

We can use the same products used to create beautiful lips to augment the nose. You may have some slight swelling for several days after the procedure but nothing like the bruising and long-term swelling common with surgical rhinoplasty. Best of all, the cost is 1/10th that of surgery.

Dr. Rothfeld can discuss whether this procedure is right for you and explain what to expect during your brief recovery. You will also discuss what degree of shaping or correction you desire and how long your results should last. Unlike surgical rhinoplasty, using fillers to shape the nose is not a permanent change. But unlike a traditional rhinoplasty, where the final shape of the nose is revealed over time after a long period of recovery, when you walk out of the office after your non-surgical treatment you will already see the final resul